The LAIT app that is integral to the dance
Interface: Critical Mass
on the
February Dance: Designed Environments


The app is still under development. If you are at this page prior to the app being ready, please check back one week prior to the February Dance show. Or click the links above to send us a request for notification when the app is ready for download.


When CM2=E launches, you will be asked to enter a username. If you enter a username (this is optional) you will be able to participate in the performance via texting and posting selfies. You also will be able to vote on various things at various times as prompted by the phone.

At times, the app will go dark so that you can focus on the stage events. This does NOT mean that the app has quit. It is still running, but is inactive. It will “come back to life” when the performance includes phone interactivity once again.