Work at SCIM with Jody Sperling

Renowned dance artist and Loïe Fuller expert Jody Sperling is visiting this week, teaching workshops and helping with the “Master Dancer” VR app development. We have been working on real-time control of avatars in Unreal Engine, mocap for “AI Loïe, and kicking the tires on the real-time AI video generator programmed by Jake Metz at the SCIM lab in the UIUC Engineering Library. Exciting work!

Experimenting with AI generated video in SCIM lab.

End of Semester Demonstration Meeting

Yesterday evening the two teams developing LAIT met for the first time together to share what they’ve accomplished this semester. First the students demonstrated the applications they’d developed. Afterwards we discussed some particulars of the software, and how we might integrate the two efforts into one product next semester.

First the CS492 students showed a system that accepted accelerometer data from two phones and changed color on each phone based upon the amount of activity in both phones. If one phone was shaking a moderate amount, only half of its screen would turn blue, while the other half remained dark. If both phones were shaking a moderated amount, then both sides of the screen would turn blue, indicating that the other phone was also shaking. The same system turned the phones red if the phones were being shaken more rapidly. Continue reading