How might you use LAIT?

You might be wondering how to use the LAIT system in your show. Here are some ideas to spark your imagination:

  • Use the phones to extend lighting effects into the audience—Paint the audience with colored light
  • Show graphics to create more environmental or informational context
  • Show subtitles, or song lyrics
  • Show what the actor is really thinking!
  • Command the audience to do something
  • Play sounds to create a distributed soundscape among the audience
  • Show random images to people to encourage different reactions within the audience
  • Give background information on the subject, the actors, or the play
  • Highlight when a particular instrument is playing
  • Vibrate the phones when a special moment is happening onstage
  • Place tablets or phones in dancers’ hands for onstage effects
  • Give clues to the audience to add to the mystery…

And soon to come:

  • Let the audience choose which song they will hear next
  • Let the audience choose which direction the play will go in
  • Show extra animations as audience look through their cameras at the stage
  • Send messages to specific people within the audience
  • Show social media feeds
  • Paint pictures on the audience’s phones, like a giant video screen

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