We have a team of people working on LAIT…
First we have the leaders of the project:

John Toenjes, Associate Professor, UIUC Dept. Of Dance
NCSA Faculty Fellow
Director, LAIT

Tony Reimer
Lead Programmer

Students under the NCSA SPIN (Student Pushing Innovation) project have worked on the fundamental functionality of the app under the direction of Tony Reimer:

Utsav Shah
Hilal Habashi
Jessie Lyu

Other students who have worked on the app include:

Martin Liu
Shiv Verma

We are indebted to the assistance of members of AVL (Advanced Visualization Lab) @NCSA:

Donna Cox, Director
A.J. Christensen, Graphic Artist
Jeff Carpenter, Media Specialist
Robert Patterson, Graphic Artist
Stuart Levy, System Admin
Kalina Borkiewicz, Programmer and Main Liaison between LAIT and…

CS492 students (Senior Capstone Project in Computer Science Dept), used the LAIT platform for their Capstone Project in 2014, and contributed ideas that were helpful in our early days of thinking about LAIT:

Donald Cha
Bryce Dorn
Zi Yang “Kanzy” Kan
Nihal Pathuri
Denise Wei